Paper of the Year Award

Rules & Guidelines


  1. The author must be a CAPM&R member.
  2. The paper must have been published in the calendar year preceding the CAPM&R meeting.
  3. Author must sign the following disclaimer: “I am the principal investigator/author/contributor to this paper”.
  4. If the applicant is not the principal investigator/author/contributor, a signed letter stating participation must be submitted for consideration.
  5. Only one submission per author.
  6. To qualify, the paper must have been published in a peer-reviewed Journal.
  7. Content of the paper can be original research, reviews, meta-analysis or other publications.
  8. The winner of the “Paper of the Year” Award will be expected to speak on the topic of his/her paper at the CAPM&R Annual Meeting.
  9. The winner of the “Paper of the Year” Award will not be considered for the other awards for work on a related topic.
  10. The applicant can be a resident, fellow or qualified physiatrist.
  11. Prize need not to be awarded.

How to apply:

  1. Submissions must be uploaded online here:
  2. Deadline for submission is February 1 of the current year.

Review process:

  1. The chair of the Research Committee will select 3-5 reviewers among, but not limited to, Research Committee of the CAPM&R, CAPM&R members at-large.
  2. The reviewers will rank the papers submitted to the chair of the Research Committee.
  3. The paper with the highest average rating is the winner.
  4. The reviewers will not rank papers in which they have a conflict of interest.