CPD Framework for Section 1 & 3 Credits

This table summarizes the learning sections under the new MOC framework.  Activities submitted via MAINPORT are converted automatically into credits.
Fellows and MOC Program participants are required to complete a minimum of 25 credits per cycle in each section of the MOC Program. 
Section 1:
Group learning
Accredited activities:
Conferences, rounds, journal clubs or small-group activities that adhere to Royal College standards. Accredited group learning
activities can occur face-to-face or web-based (online).
  • Accredited rounds, journal clubs,  small groups
  • Accredited conferences
  • 1 credit per hour
Unaccredited activities:
Rounds, journal clubs or small-group activities in the process of meeting the educational and ethical standards; rural or local conferences that have no industry sponsorship.
  • Unaccredited rounds, journal clubs, small groups
  • Unaccredited conferences without industry support
  • 0.5 credits per hour (maximum of 50 credits per cycle)
Section 3:
Knowledge assessment
Programs accredited by Royal College CPD providers that provide data with feedback to individual physicians regarding their current knowledge base to enable the identifi cation of
needs and the development of future learning opportunities relevant to their practice.
  • Accredited self-assessment programs
  • 3 credits per hour
Performance assessment
Activities that provide data with feedback to individual physicians, groups or interprofessional health teams related to
their personal or collective performance across a broad range of professional practice domains. Performance assessment activities can occur in a simulated or actual practice environment.
  • Simulation
  • Chart audit and feedback
  • Multi-source feedback
  • Educational/administrative  assessments
  • 3 credits per hour