Golf – Crowbush

Golf has been played yearly at the annual meeting and retreats since inception at the CAPMR. In 1993 Dr. Sandy Pinkerton donated a Quaich to be contested each year.

  • Date: Friday, May 29, 2020
  • Tee off Time: 14:00
  • Location: Crowbush Cove Golf Course – Travel time from the Delta Prince Edward Hotel to the Links at Crowbush Cove is approx 40 to 45 minutes. Time to play a round at the Links at Crowbush Cove is 4.5 hours.
  • Holes: 18
  • Lunch: Box lunch will be provided
  • Groups: 12 groups/4 people (max 40 players) – Priority given to those who sponsor a Resident or Medical Student.
  • Transportation: Bus will be provided for all the depart and return to the Delta.
  • Registration: Register online along with your conference registration.
  • Cost: $140

What is a Quaich? Quaich is a Scots rendering of the Gaelic word “cuach” meaning a cup. Centuries ago they were built of wooden staves, and by the 17th century were often mounted in silver or entirely made from metal. Quaichs were used for Whisky or Brandy, and in the 19th Century Sir Walter Scott dispensed drams in silver-inlaid Quaichs, but the one he kept for himself was particularly precious to him. … 1745 it had travelled from Edinburgh to Derby with the Scottish Army in Bonnie Prince Charlies canteen. Its bottom was made of glass so that the drinker could keep watch on his companions. A more romantic Quaich had a double glass bottom in which was kept a lock of hair, so that the owner could drink to his lady love; and in 1589 King JamesVI of Scotland gave Anne of Norway a Quaich or “Loving Cup” as a wedding gift. Used as a visitor’s welcome or farewell cup by proud clan chiefs, worthy merchants or humble crofters, the quaich has kept its simple but beautiful shape and friendly purpose. In more recent times, the Quaich has been used as a favour at many Scottish weddings, being presented to all at the top table. A symbol of the shared love and partnership between their hosts. “Traditionally made of wood, it is a shallow circular-drinking vessel for whisky, with a pair of small lug handles projecting horizontally from opposite sides of the rim. The lugs, though functional, are of a unique carved style giving the quaich much of its special character. It has a special place in the heart of all who know something of its history and is a prized possession of many people who have an association with Scotland. And will always be remembered in its traditional use as a visitor’s welcome or farewell cup by proud clan chiefs, worthy merchants or humble crofters, and in this, the quaich has kept its simple but beautiful shape and friendly purpose”. The Sandy Pinkerton Quaich has come to symbolize just that friendship, sportsmanship, history, and camaraderie representing one of the true metaphors of life …. The Game of Golf.

Sandy Pinkerton Quaich Winners

1993 Amarjit Arneja Whistler BC
1994 Tom Miller Deerhurst ON
1995 Johnstone MacCallum Montebello PQ
1996 Steve Bagg Digby NS
1997 Karen Ethans Harrison Hot Springs BC
1998 Patrick Potter Niagara on the Lake ON
1999 Tom Miller Kananaskis AB
2000 Barry Deathe Mont Tremblant PQ
2001 Ben Meikle Halifax NS
2002 Dhiren Naidu Hecla Island MB
2003 Lee Kirby Edmonton AB
2004 Steve Bagg Charlottetown PEI
2005 Ben Meikle Ottawa ON
2006 Rain Vancouver BC
2007 Tom Miller London ON
2008 John Leszczynski Fredericton NB
2009 Keith Sequeira Banff AB
2010 Fionna Killian Winnipeg MB
2011 Michael Payne Victoria BC
2012 Steve Bagg Toronto ON
2013 Anthony Lentini Montreal QC
2014 Team: Mohammed Tarhoni Stephen Bagg Anthony Leitini Giles Pilon St. John’s NL
2015 Team: Adam Kassam Tracy Leclair Scott Warren Tom Miller Vancouver BC
2016 Team: Patrick Potter, John Milcarek and Gavin Risi London ON
2017 Team: Alexander Whelan, Alex McKee, Michelle McKee, Paul Woolfrey, Scott Wiebe Niagara Falls ON
2018 : The Midnight Quaich Team: Adam Kassam
Tim Alcorn
John Bennett
Tom Miller
Whitehorse YT