The AGM is Going Online!

Save the Date – May 29, 2020.
We are excited to share the news that the CAPM&R is bringing you the AGM, Awards and Contest presentations live! Best way to flatten the curve is for you to stay isolated in your offices and participate virtually! We invite posters, contests, award recipients and keynotes to present their projects on line. Contest winners and Meredith Marks to be presented in Real time. Posters will be pre-recorded to be read anytime by the members.

Ways to Present

  1. Format your presentation using PowerPoint and add audio talk voiceover timed to each slide that will advance automatically. If possible have PPT include your image in the chat in the corner, or add a 30 second video
  2. If you do not have access to PowerPoint, use these free alternatives: Office Libre Impress and the audio program Audacity.
  3. If you already have your poster printed, stand in front of it and give your talk. Use a cell phone to record it on video.
  4. Be creative. Maybe you have a better way. Use whatever technology you have at hand.
  5. The maximum number of slides in the PowerPoint presentation is 10. The maximum time of your talk is 2 minutes.
  6. Include in your presentation a 30 second video of yourself. This is a “Sales Pitch” for your talk. Explain what you did and what you learned. Use a cell phone to make the video.

YouTube Videos

  1. How to add audio to PowerPoint.
  2. How to add embed a video in PowerPoint.
  3. How to add Audio to Office Libre Impress
  4. There are many YouTube videos on every topic. Go searching if you get stuck.

Photo for the Picture Gallery.

We would be delighted to include your picture in our gallery of participants. Please send us a picture of yourself with your project. Make sure you are in focus!

Submitting Your Video

Use dropbox, large file transfer, email, google docs, upload to YouTube, etc…

This is a long 30 minute example of a full talk:

We do hope you will take this opportunity to present your research. We are looking forward to celebrating all the great work you have done.