“US Guided Injection Techniques & Spasticity” – PreCourse

This Pre-Course is on Wednesday, May 30 in Whitehorse at the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Center and is co-developed by CAPM&R and .Allergan is the exclusive lead non-physician organization of this pre-course*.  

US Guided Injection Techniques for the Management of Common Joint Injections & Spasticity Chemodenervation

Target Audience: For the beginner to intermediate learner.

Objectives: At the end of the session, delegates will be able to:

1. Describe the anatomy of the most common joint injections.
2. Demonstrate hands on techniques and approaches to the most common upper and lower extremity joint injections.
3. Demonstrate the anatomy and landmarks for US guided chemodenervation of the upper and lower limb.
4. Interpolate from preceptors on correct techniques.

Each topic to presented with a faculty member, with US to large screen and video camera to enhance viewing for audience. We aim to have 10 US machines, with 1-2 preceptors per group of ten people for hands on scanning and practice.

Faculty: Arun Gupta (PMR), Omar Khan (PMR), Rajiv Reebye (PMR), Prof. Jörg Wissel (Neurology)

Preceptors: Spasticity: Rajiv Reebye, Jörg Wissel , Karen Ethans,  Stephen McNeil, Russ O’Connor, Omar Khan, Paul Winston.

MSK Najam Mian, Arun Gupta, Omar Khan, Kshitij Chawla, Russ O’Connor

Moderator: Paul Winston


0700-0800 Registration/Breakfast
0800-0845 Introduction. Including intro to US techniques – Omar Khan
0845-0915 Anatomy of the shoulder and overview – Arun Gupta
0915-0930 Practice Biceps –  Lead by Dr. Gupta With Preceptors
0930-0945 Practice AC Joint
0945-1000 Practice Subacromial & GH
1000-10:45 Additional Shoulder Scanning
1045-1100 Break
1100-1120 Spasticity US Localization of Shoulder & ForearmRajiv Reebye
1120-1200 Practice of Upper Extremity –  Lead by Dr. Reebye with preceptors
1200-1300 Lunch Symposium
US Techniques in Spasticity Management of the Lower LimbJörg Wissel
1300-1345 Demo Lower limb spasticity muscle techniques.
Dr. Wissel with preceptors
1345-1405 Presentation of the Wrist, Carpal Tunnel, & deQuervain’s Trigger Finger – Omar Khan
1405-1430 Demo Wrist & Practice – Dr. Khan and Preceptors
1430-1450 Overview of Knee Anatomy Demo & Case – Omar Khan
1450-1530 Knee Practice – Dr. Khan and Preceptors
1530-1550 Break
1550-1610 Ankle case and demo – Arun Gupta
1610-1645 Ankle – Dr. Gupta and Preceptors.
1645 Close

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