Virtual Posters

Prepare a Virtual Poster Presentation

This is your opportunity to participate in a live Zoom meeting and learn how to prepare and record your abstract presentation for virtual presentation. Click here to see Dr. Winston for Tips & Tricks in Preparing a Recorded Abstract Presentation Password: 7U@@5WPA

Contest presentations will be live on May 29 and all other presentations will be recorded and shared to the membership.

Authors for abstract and contest submissions are encouraged to participate in our Virtual Academic Day on May 29. Below is an instructional video on how to make and present your own abstract online.

Feel free to upload to Twitter, or your favourite platform and use  #newCAPMR so we can all find each other.  New to Twitter? Check out our Twitter 101 page. Enjoy the video whether or not you have a CAPMR abstract this year, as you can use this for any meeting, or upload and share your work. It is applicable to all members as virtual learning is here to stay. 

This video teaches you how to prepare a pre-recorded online talk of any length. (Here we learn to make a video of an abstract that lasts 2.5 minutes.)